Auction House – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Guide


Auction House – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Guide

The Auction House is a shop on Windfall Island where you can purchase the Swift Sail, the Magic Armor, two Treasure Charts and a Heart

How We Solved the Worst Minigame in Zelda’s History


After Years of having to deal with Sploosh Kaboom, the Battleship Minigame in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, we have finally found a way to beat it consistently. This is the result of many people’s efforts to Reverse Engineer Wind Waker and craft a program that can take advantage of its structure.

This video would have not been possible without Peter Schmidt-Nielsen.
All the Animations in this video were created by Peter in Javascript using d3, so huge shout out to him for putting in such great work!

For details about the program, and a list of everyone who worked on this program:

The Auction House | The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD #25

Link makes his way into the auction house to try and wind some important goodies that will help on his quest. The question is how much will it cost him?

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Zelda Windwaker HD Treasure Chart 38 Location Auction house

SOLD!!! | Zelda: The Wind Waker 100% Walkthrough “21/45” (No Commentary)

In this part, we start by making it night, and entering the auction house. Here we learn the rules and spend rupees to bid on Treasure Chart #18, Treasure Chart #38, and Piece of Heart #28. (The trick I use, is to wait it out. Zunari will give three warnings throughout the auction telling us how much time is left. Once we hear the second warning, we rapidly press the A button to charge our meter, but wait out the last little bit until the third warning which means there are only five seconds left in the auction. We then quickly finish filling our meter and bid 10% or higher to take the lead and “stun” the other competitors long enough to win the auction with ease and low cost.) Afterwards, we make it day, and talk to Zunari at his stall. We agree to become his sales partner and are given the Town Flower. Throughout the town there are fourteen plinths that we can insert decorations into. The Town Flower is one such decoration and we must fill all 14 with Town Flowers (or any decoration) to get Piece of Heart #29. (You can only hold 3 Town Flowers at a time.) Once all 14 are planted we talk to the man sitting on a bench overlooking the sea near Zunari a few times to get Piece of Heart #29. Next we head back to the King of Red Lions and head west two and south one square to get to Rock Spire Isle. Here we enter the Special Shop Ship and buy our third Empty Bottle, Piece of Heart #30, and Treasure Chart #4 for quite a few rupees. We then head onto the island, blowing up boulders along the way and dropping into a hole. We light a few torches and fight off a horde of Keese to get Treasure Chart #37. Next we get the info for the island finally before heading over to the two enemy ships and destroying them for Piece of Heart #31 and 100 Rupees.

Collectibles: 11

1. Treasure Chart #18 (23 of 41 Treasure Charts)
2. Treasure Chart #38 (24 of 41 Treasure Charts)
3. Piece of Heart #28 of 44
4. Town Flower
5. Piece of Heart #29 of 44
6. Empty Bottle #3 of 4
7. Piece of Heart #30 of 44
8. Treasure Chart #4 (25 of 41 Treasure Charts)
9. Treasure Chart #37 (26 of 41 Treasure Charts)
10. Rock Spire Isle (Sea Chart Info #42 of 49)
11. Piece of Heart #31 of 44