Caterpie – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide


Caterpie – Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Guide

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

How to Shiny Hunt in Generation 1 Red Blue Yellow (Full Information Guide)

So I spent almost every minute of the last 2 weeks working on this video. I wanted it to explain everything you need to know, but also be concise and not overly long. Some things could’ve been better on it but I’m pretty happy with it overall. Once again, if you have any questions check the Q &A in the description and then if you can’t find your answer drop your question in the comments.


Yellow item clone glitch
DV calculator
Fly glitch
Item Underflow Glitch Guide (for shiny hunters)

Q & A
Q: Can I hunt Mew?
A: Yes, that’s the trainer fly glitch. As stated in the video, those can be hunted. Mew, however cannot transfer to gen 7 under normal circumstances but CAN transfer to gen 2. So your shiny Mew will be stuck in generation 2. Since I’ve gotten many questions on this one, here is a video to further prove it’s possibility

Q: Do I need to use rare candy or can I fight Pokémon to level up instead?
A: You could, but it would take a lot longer to level by battling. It could take over an hour for a single reset if you did that.

Q: Why only send to generations 2 or 7?
A: Those are the only games you can trade to from generation 1.

Q: Why did you have 8 stat possibilities for defense and only 1 for attack in your Mr. Mime and Scyther videos?
A: When virtual console gen 1 first came out they had the shiny DVs swapped for defense and attack. It confused all of us and there was never an explanation why they did this. However when generation 2 virtual console was released they corrected the stats to what the physical copy’s shiny stats were.

Q: Can the Cinnabar coast glitch encounters be shiny hunted too?
A: Unfortunately not, these encounters just act as surf encounters which are locked. And if you fish it’s just the area’s regular Pokémon that appear.

Q: what makes fishing targets difficult?
A: They can be tedious because you might not get a Pokémon to bite for a few attempts in a row, this also drastically adds to the reset’s time. On top of that you’ll need to get the stats for all the Pokémon on the route, at every level they appear, and at level 50 for each. Many will also have an evolving scene you’ll need to sit through when leveling to 50.

Q: Can you shiny hunt the starters?
A: Starters are gift Pokémon. They can be shiny but hunting them isn’t ideal. Since they’re at the start of the game you don’t have rare candies to check for stats. Better options are
Yellow: you get the three starters around cerulean and vermillion at level 10 and you can have rare candies. Much better than at the start.
R/B/Y: you can trainer fly glitch hunt them, which also requires a lot of rare candies

pokemon yellow walkthrough part 2 caterpie

my walkthrough of pokemon yellow

Destroying Pokemon Fire Red With A Caterpie!

Today we take one of the weakest bugs to ever exist namely caterpie. And we are going to be destroying pokemon fire red. Is our tiny little bug going to be able to stop team rocket and beat the champion blue? Let”s find out!


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