PS5’s SSD Expansion Update Arrives Tomorrow for all Users

PS5’s SSD Expansion Update Arrives Tomorrow for all Users

The second major update for the PS5 arrives tomorrow with a ton of new features, including M.2 SSD expansion.

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The new PS5 is BETTER ��

The PS5 1200 model is surprisingly different
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Chapter titles:
0:00 The New PS5 1200 Model
0:48 What’s new?
2:23 The PS5 price hike
3:12 Is it lighter?
3:50 Power, Noise and Temps
6:00 PS5 Teardown
8:20 Inside the New PS5

Easily Add An M.2 SSD To Your PS5! It’s Simple To Upgrade The Storage

In This video, I show you how to easily add an SSD to your PS5! I needed to add more storage to my wife’s PlayStation 5 so I opted to pick up a 1TB Auros Gen4 7000S M.2 SSD that is fully PS5 ready and compatible right down to the Included M.2 SSD Heatsink. Escape the constant digital noise – explore the world of dumb phones and rediscover the joy of real-life connections.

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Note: You will need to purchase a separate heatsink. Looks like people are snapping up the ones with the built in heatsinks.
The mighty highly anticipated PS5 Firmware update that opens up all the storage expansion possibilities on the PS5 has finally arrived. you can now open up your brand new Sony Playstation 5 and install an SSD to increase the storage space in your system… But it can’t just be any SSD, there are expectations with what kinds of SSDs you put in your precious PS5. Want to know how to install the SSD and what kind of SSD you need? Watch the video to find out all the details!

0:00 Video Start
1:00 PS5 SSD Tech
2:20 New Firmware Update
3:30 PS5 SSD Compatibility
5:10 PS5 SSD Installation
7:35 Other New Firmware Features!

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